Tuesday, April 1, 2014

34 Great Money Making Websites

Every day the opportunity to make money online increases, and becomes easier for anyone to make some extra income on the side, or turn it into their full time job. Below is a great long list  of great money making websites to start with, choose one or a couple, stick with what you enjoy doing, and give yourself some extra income.

About.com - Apply to be either a guide or topic writer to create quality content to help millions of visitors to offer solutions and create community experiences.

Amazon – Being one of the world’s top online retailers, this is a great reason to become an affiliate of them as well to make money. They offer tools to integrate into your website or blog, and obviously offer many different products to choose to promote.

Bukisa.com – Submit your original content and earn money by using your Google Adsense account or Chitika account. Also earn income from the content people you referred submit.

Cashcrate.com – Survey site, pays cash rewards to try new products, signing up for free websites, services, and completing surveys. Get cash back for shopping and cash rewards for referrals.

ClickBank – Choose from thousands and thousands of products to promote from different categories, usually you can find some highly rated ones that pay out pretty decent, offering tools to display on a blog or website easily.

Commission Junction – Offers thousands of online companies you can apply to on an individual basis to promote through products/store by using their banners, links, and more to promote. Sites like Commission Junction are nice to use because you get paid in one spot, as opposed to joining each individual company as an affiliate on your own.

99 Designs – If you have a niche for graphic design, this could be a great money making website for you! Make money by finding a contest, they usually offer well over 2,000. Create and submit your own design, and you could win, or even have other opportunities come up. They offer a 1-to-1 Projects area where you have the opportunity to make money with clients that way as well.

eBay.com – Make money by posting your goods, and people bidding on them. They offer a great partner program that pays well when you drive quality traffic to their site.

eHow.com - Apply to write articles on a variety of topics that help readers wondering how-to… and help solve their problems.

eJury.com – Give the opportunity to “pre-try” a case and get paid for it. eJurors can make $5-$10 per case depending on length. Go to the site to find out qualifications, oath, and even a sample case so you get an idea of what to look for.

eLance.com – Simply go to the site and click “Find Work”. Businesses go there to post online jobs looking for a certain skill set such as: accountants, admins, consultants, designers, marketers, mobile developers, programmers, writers, and more.

Fiverr.com – A fun money making site to for quick money,  $5 (I think $1 is the site’s cut so you’ll actually make $4) for a small service. Post your own service for voice-overs, social media videos, tutoring, custom created gifts, shopping tips…the list is endless! They also have the option to upsell clients as well.

FushionCash.com – A well known survey site that pays you read emails, click on ads, take surveys, post in forums, and whatever else offers come up, lots of opportunity. Even a BBB accredited business, and offers the report right there online.

Google AdSense – Remains to be a very popular money making part of Google. Simply sign up and choose where and how you want to place ads on your website or blog to make money each time quality traffic clicks and visits.

Helium.com – Submit knowledge-based articles and share you voice with your own topic, or choose one from their assignment board. Get paid through incentive payouts, assignments, and performance bonuses from the traffic your work receives.

Hubpages.com – Members earn money by publishing quality content hubs by site using your Google AdSense, Amazon, or eBay accounts. You can also share Hubs of other members and receive a portion of revenue generated from people using your unique link generated.

InboxDollars.com – One of my favorite survey sites, and have even received a couple checks from them. Get money for completing surveys, reading emails, searching the web, watching videos, referring people, and much more. Easy way to make extra money for doing what you do online already.

InfoBarrel.com – Join and submit articles and reviews with pictures and videos, or just text content. Generate revenue over a lifetime by using your Google AdSense, Chitika, and Amazon accounts.

Linkshare.com – Offers lots of affiliate marketing programs and provides links and banners to place on your site and make revenue from when visitors click and buy products/services.

MyPoints.com – A survey site I use on a daily basis, but instead of rewarding you in cash, it rewards you in gift cards, although it does give you an option to receive payment from PayPal in the form of gift card amounts ($10, $25, $50). Get points that will add up quickly by reading emails, shopping, completing surveys, referring friends, and more.

Odesk – Apply from the thousands of jobs they offer online ranging from writing, virtual assistant, web design, graphic design, programming, and anything else you can think of that you can do virtually. By taking their tests, doing assignments, and building your portfolio, you can make decent money with this site.

OnlineVerdict.com – Make extra money online by reviewing legal cases and complete a questionnaire as if you were a part of a jury. You have the potential to make $20, up to $60 per completed case you review. Apply and sign-up by answering demographic questions about yourself, and there is no long-term commitment.

PeopleString.com – Make money by earning “People Dollars” by completing surveys, deals, offers or by referring people.

RateItAll.com – Offers a revenue sharing program, using Google AdSense by writing a review on any topic you choose, creating your profile, adding new items, and making list. They share 50% of the Google AdSense revenue earned from the pages you create.

RedGage.com – You will not make a lot of money off of this site, but put some quality content, photos, videos, etc, and you get paid for everyone who views it.

SnapDollars.com - is another popular survey site you can make money off of by completing surveys & offers, shopping, and referring your friends. Simple way to make cash for just doing what you normally would online.

Squidoo.com - Members make lens on any topics they want, and depending on how interesting lens is for readers, could earn money or charity.

TreasureTrooper.com - Another well know survey site that mixes fun for their users. Get cash rewards from taking surveys, testing products, and referring friends. Why not get paid for the things you do online.

Triond.com – Submit your original ideas and knowledge for approval, and earn money through contextual advertising shown on your published content.

Tutor.com – Are you smart in a particular subject or multiple, become an online tutor. There is an application and screening process involving intellect requirements, and even computer requirements, to be expected of course.

TutorVista.com – Another online tutoring company you can apply for if you are qualified. Reviews for this site have said it is quite an extensive hiring process, but pays well. Check out their site for open teaching opportunities.

Vindale Research – A survey site that pays you review products and give your opinion. There are cash contest, and get paid for opening your emails even.

Yahoo! Contributor Network – Photographers, Videographers, and writers can earn money by sharing their knowledge and passion on their specialty.

YouTube – You can make money by becoming a Partner on their network and having ads on your videos with your Google AdSense account. Create a brand for yourself and build your audience around your creative videos that come from you.

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